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Umbralian of
Alexina (Mabi) & West (Vindi)

Musician, Archer, Puppeteer, Fighter
Milletian Elf

Azuryo of
Alexina (Mabi) & West (Vindi)

Mage, Alchemist
Tuathan Cambion

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“Hmm…I think I’ve seen her.”

Umbra grew impatient, watching him tap his finger on his lip, especially because it seemed like he was taunting her by not divulging anything after he muttered that phrase.

"Well, if you know it, then why don’t you just fucking say it…

Suffolk, lost in a day dream, eeped  as someone tapper her on the shoulder. Whirling around, she almost looses her drink from her hand, but manages to keep the sloshing liquid under control.

Stabilizing her drink, Suffolk slowly peers up to the person who tapped her shoulder.

"Oh…hello there."

She smiled faintly with her eyes closed.

Umbra looked down at the human, staring at her cordial face.

She seems friendly enough, unlike that asshole back there.

"Hey, do you know who Suffolk is?" she asked, straight to the point.

Waiting for her answer, Umbra glanced back at the table to see Judas telling Jade something.

What is he saying? Hopefully it’s not about me. Or maybe it is. Shit.

She turned her head back to the lady, and downed her shot of whiskey.

finished putting up the courcle street lamps in my hs!!

i love how they light up the sides of my hs =u=

now i just need to make the fences for my herbs as well as lamps for the herbs, and ill be pretty much done with my hs (except for some other stuff)

Day 12: 30 day challenge

* spoilers about umbra and azu’s story

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All I’ve been able to draw lately is viridys's and I's roori characters because I'm a loser.
And 90% of these have been attempt at NSFW things that I chicken out on.
Like this one.

Here, have this sparkly anime one as an added bonus:


when i go to weddings im pretty much like umbra at the ewecinox party

Day 11: 30 day challenge

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response to [x]

“Hmm…I think I’ve seen her.”

Umbra grew impatient, watching him tap his finger on his lip, especially because it seemed like he was taunting her by not divulging anything after he muttered that phrase.

"Well, if you know it, then why don’t you just fucking say it already?" Umbra spat out with silent anger, almost ready to fight him. Her smile was gone, and she was now sitting in a slightly hunched position, similar to a predator tracking down its prey, both arms on the tabletop.

His attitude is really pissing me off right now. I want to wipe that smug smile off of his face. Maybe a punch in the face can do that just fine.

She was ready to deliver a blow until she looked at Jade, who hadn’t uttered a word since Umbra had brought up Suffolk. Jade’s calm demeanor reminded Umbra of a person she once knew, and calmed her down. She sat back down in a more relaxed position.

Remembering how her glass was empty, she felt like she needed a bit more alcohol to cool her head down.

"I’ll be back, I’m just getting some more drinks," Umbra said to the two.

She got up and walked to the table with bottles of beverages and poured herself another glass of whiskey. When she put the bottle back down, she remembered the brunette she noticed earlier, and realized she was close by.

They probably wouldn’t mind if I took a little bit longer to get back to the table.

With that in mind, Umbra walked over to the girl, and tapped her shoulder.

Day 10: 30 day challenge

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I’ve been meaning to post this, og he looks like he’s actually sitting on the horse O_O…teach me pls.

hes holding a luggage in his hand, but made it invisible, most likely with the cortship gesture glitch

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“Hey Umbra! You don’t mind if we sit for a bit?”

Umbra looked at Jade sitting across from her and replied, “Of course I don’t mind,” with a slight smile, then turned to Judas and smirked at him.

Except for you, Umbra thought silently to herself.

She drank a bit of the water from the melted ice and tried to think of other ways to torment Judas, except she was now ambivalent about the idea of poking fun at him at the presence of Jade. Lacking ideas, she gave up and decided to wait for either Jade or Judas to start the conversation.

Umbra looked around her for her partner. She saw a brunette human girl clad in a yellow dress.

Kinda makes me think of that other woman who jumped into the lake—

She realized that this human girl and the dark skinned woman from earlier were partners from the first event upon arriving to the party. Now that she thought about it, Umbra never found out their names, even though they were located pretty close to her and Judas.

"Do you guys know the names of the two in yellow?" Umbra asked to the pair sitting across from her. "And do you guys know anyone named Suffolk?"




Please tell me I’m not the only cellist in the Mabi tag who understands just how painfully out of tune mabi’s cello is orz

literally /everything/ in this game other than the violin, piano, lyre, and lute sounds like crap, really.

The mandolin and roncadora sound fine to me

The violin is freaking near-inaudible though




Day 9: 30 day challenge

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thanks blood moon and your umbra phase

whenever i see things about the blood moon like “umbra stage” i keep thinking of umbra and i just stop like

"wait shit its not umbra its the whole blood moon thing"