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Arakawa’s first recorded use of goggles circa 2012

Dye Synthesis Issue


Dear Milletians,

Currently there is an issue with dye synthesis across all Mabinogi services. Which means not only is it happening in NA but everywhere else. This is something being investigated by our developers. Sabina will provide updates in this thread as she receives them.



draw me like one of your milletian girls, babe 



Any unclaimed dyes from this dyekon will immediately be sacrificed to the dye gods in order to create more dyes. This will be going on for all the dyekons this week as a result of the unsynthesizable fractal well dyes.

The rules are on the blog itself (if you click the “Rules + Watchlist button at the top, the menu will drop down), but I will reiterate a few of the key ones:

  • Dyes will be given out as evenly as possible. See here for more information.
  • Please leave your IGN when requesting a dye or we cannot give you anything! If you realize you forgot it, please send an ask to us and let us know!
  • Please only choose up to 4 dyes!

This giveaway ends on Wednesday, September 16th at 10:00 PM EST. Dyes will be distributed shortly after.


H8, Byopia please~


So, for those who are stockpiling potatoes for cat eyes, don’t forget you can use catering dishes for luck! *Luck increases the chance of a lucky finish!

I am using Vales Fire to make my catering dishes. Vales Fire is (75%) Vales Whiskey (1,100g @ Barry/Wanst) and (25%) Ice (40g @ Lucas/Barry/Annick)

Above is the (estimated) 75% spot for the Vales Whiskey ingredient, which (at my r8 cooking) makes a 4 star Vales Fire every time.

Ten 4 star Vales Fire gives +232 Luck all together (at my r1 Catering) Though it’ll vary by 10 or so luck depending on the vales fire rolls.

Other helpful things for gathering:

  • The gathering patch at Qilla Base camp is an ideal spot to gather potatoes
  • the use of a maid or butler @ 80 disposition or commerce partner at max disposition for double gathering 
  • an upgraded weeding hoe for collection speed and/or double gathering
  • Harvest Song for Collection speed
  • Luck Accessories (Surprising (+25 luck) Cornflower (+10 luck)) or other enchanted accessories that give +Luck
  • Titles and second titles - You can go for +luck titles for more chance at lucky finishes, OR you can go for +gathering speed.
  • "The busy" title + "SAO Lisbeth" 2nd title gives +8 gathering speed all together
  • "The Lucky" title + "Lucky Snake"/"Maplestory" 2nd title gives +50 luck all together, or other +luck titles work too.
  • Any other +luck equips with enchants and/or reforges for luck
  • Alternatively, you can eat a food item that gives luck (Muffins of Luck give +60 luck) but food item effects do NOT stack with the catering dish effect

I hope this helps some of you! If you have any questions, feel free to ask o/


I’m sure I’m not the only one that has a huge crush on Huw


I finally got my partner on Krouse so I used the training tool thinking I could do some rad pushups. You know, like the bara I am.
I dislocated my shoulders instead


What is up with the dishes in the Rush of Love sidequest? There’s no option for them in cooking, and finding the closest substitute lands me with Food Waste!

probably a glitch?

Important Payment Update


Dear Players, 

Beginning Oct. 1, 2014, you will no longer be able to purchase NX using the Ultimate Game Card and Pay By Cash payment options. If you still have any unredeemed UGC codes, be sure to use them by Sep. 30, 2014, the final date Ultimate Game Card codes and Pay By Cash will be accepted. 

There will still be a number of payment options available for purchasing NX. Karma Koin is a digital currency available at retail stores and it can be used to purchase NX as well as other currencies and services with other companies. Other payment options include BilltoMobile, Credit Card and Paypal


If you are a ninja and think going to the two white spider spawns throughout erinn and killing all the spiders there is “cute”, “profitable”, or “funny”

Kindly be advised that you’re fucking over the talent that makes the only good shurikens that can be available since the ninja hot time ended.


Line Commission for a Guild Member~ <3

I hope you like it~! 



I saw that. Don’t think I didn’t…

i havent done cooking in a while so i did it today and got r6

second mooncake i made and its best in server gg