the green milletian | the blue cambion

Umbralian of
Alexina (Mabi) & West (Vindi)

Musician, Archer, Puppeteer, Fighter
Milletian Elf

Azuryo of
Alexina (Mabi) & West (Vindi)

Mage, Alchemist
Tuathan Cambion

hydrangea flowers from transparent-flowers


will pay for someone to prof my bow for me until it’s egoable 8D

i am very lazy and very very bad at it lmao

you could go to tnn and just shoot at zombies

  1. xlilxcraziex-inwonderland said: If you have any copper ores, I can convert them to silver for you! :)

ah damn i dont have any x-x

but ill keep that in mind when i do metallurgying when i have time (maybe tomorrow)

thanks lily~

  1. crazyandrew said: do you need a refining pot?

ive already gotten this far, so no, its ok u-u;;

B>silver ore frags 5.5k per stack [ALEXINA]

my 2x life pots expire in about 10 hours and im 19% away from r1 refine!!

i’d do metallurgy myself if i didnt have a major test tomorrow, so im buying my ores

im willing to negotiate prices, just drop me a note at Umbralian

and yes its just silver ores. the gold ore requirements are finished

EDIT: i just got another life pot from the event before i go study so itll expire in 2 days. im still buying silver ores, tho!

Day 16: 30 day challenge

* a bit nsfw?

original: [x]

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❝Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.❞
–Sigmund Freud (via blazeberg)


YAY I finally made the second moon in my Japanese festival section of the HS (Yes my HS is divided into different section with a path taking you there) :) I just noticed that the sitting for the two moons are different.

Here’s a glimpse into my HS <3

aaaaaa its so pretty *o* i wish my hs was as creative as yours is

Day 15: 30 day challenge

halfway there so i thought id post it in the mabitag u-u

* spoilers of umbra and azu’s story

original: [x]

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headcanons about milletians and tuathans







based on a convo with sauthenerom last night

  1. milletians’ bodies are the bodies of deceased tuathans, except their souls are the souls of our world
  2. spirit stones are the embodiment of deceased tuathans
    image (when using “Graveyard” keyword)
  3. based on…

Yea that is 1 bigass ego…id love to smack someone with that omfg

o_o… dont you already have a big ego?

I have an ego but he’s not as big as Claimh o_o like seriously try and picture swinging that around LOL

you completely missed that LOL

im laughing so hard

i forgot i turned on glow effects so umbra was really really bright during noon

and then theres umbra being a bunny for easter

she hates it under that mask

❝this song works on guitar❞
–they say as the guitar growls incomprehensibly on notes that are too high for the instrument to play (via mabwee)




judas was creepy as fuck


Personal space, Judas. It’s a thing.

"Hello, Jesus."
"…Judas, we’ve talked about this."


Are you fucking kidding me.
Really? REALLY?

Well then.
Clearly 20m wasn’t enough for this outfit and it needs to be jacked up to 40+ in this persons eyes… another outfit I will never own yes i’m mad lol.

Alexina’s Economy ladies and gentlemen.
You can thank people like this.



My AP / CP / Stat skilling calculator has been updated for Culinary Artist!

This spreadsheet calculates:

Total AP used
Stat skilling information, such as AP cost per stat for unranked skill ranks
Total available stats from unranked skills and talents

To use the calculator, you need to make a copy to your own Google Drive (recommended) or download and open in a spreadsheet program.  Then navigate to the Elf, Human or Giant sheet (look in the lower left corner) and fill out the yellow cells. The CP info is at the bottom of the sheet in a blue box.

To copy/download:
    Select the file
    Click “OPEN” in lower right corner
    Go to File menu, and select “Make a copy” (must be signed in to Google) or “Download as”

More info is available in the readme file in the same share folder.

Anonymous inquired: Hi there mun! I've noticed art theft, art editing, and reposting without permission from the artist seems to be a real issue within the Mabi community. Think you could do a post on that?


These things are always an issue with ANY community no matter how close it is. But since you asked and it can be counted as advice for Mabinogi, sure. I’ll run through the basics without creating a massive text wall!

Now most of the art for Mabinogi, if not provided by our tags many talented artists or artists on the official forums, comes from Pixiv. Pixiv is a primarily Japanese art website that is very finicky about permissions, granted that you should always ask an artist before doing anything with their art no matter what language they speak.

Now many people tend to get stuck here, since they ask “well how can I ask permission or let them know their art was stolen? I don’t speak Japanese!” Luckily I follow a blog that’s done things to help with these permissions and such! Here’s their masterpost on the subject, including things like templates in Japanese asking to use their art for something or how to inform someone that their art has been edited or stolen, as well as dos and don’ts for interacting with Pixiv artists and many other useful things.

But Asian, Hispanic, English, European, no matter what language the artist speaks, you should always respectfully ask permission before doing ANYTHING with their work and respect their choice should they tell you “please don’t repost or edit my artwork”.

(Also a mun is the author writing for a character in an online RPG, it’s not another word for mod)