the wandering archer

Umbralian of
Alexina (Mabi) & West (Vindi)

Musician, Archer, Fighter

Azuryo of
Alexina (Mabi) & West (Vindi)

Mage, Alchemist

Byopia of
Ruairi (Mabi)

Alchemist, Warrior

Hyperopia of
Tarlach (Mabi)


Aviorus of
Mari (Mabi)

Knight, Warrior, Ninja

hydrangea flowers from transparent-flowers
icon by uomialexina

remember when i was doing freebies? hahaha

but yeah since it was labor day weekend i was working on breezy’s freebie

im still working on alpha’s but man heavy armor //orz

but yeeeee i really like how this turned out!! hope you enjoy it, breezy~

aaaaa seeing people make gift art for senpais make me want to make gift art too ( / w \ )

too bad i take forever to draw and i havent started on my homework


Like hell I had space for that bag.
It wasn’t even worth to keep for me.
So I threw it out.

its 16k if you sell it to npc

i am a big weeb

i name my pets after anime and visual novel characters

-cries as i pet my new seal-

-its named Toshiakikujo-

-after Kujo Toshiaki from CAGE -OPEN- -

tip on organizing your inv for the bag

[8:47:13 PM] Lumi/Umbra: if you need to organize the inv
[8:47:16 PM] Lumi/Umbra: but dont want to drop items
[8:47:19 PM] Lumi/Umbra: you can open up the bag
[8:47:23 PM] Lumi/Umbra: even if its in temporary inv
[8:47:27 PM] Lumi/Umbra: and just put your stuff in it
[8:47:29 PM] Lumi/Umbra: until you make room



Okay, I don’t usually complain about this. I know, we should be happy about what we get. I can use potions, so getting those is perfectly fine with me. I’m an alchemist. Potions are literally the best thing we can get.

But no. I’m fucking angry about this. And do you wanna know why?

Because the last time this happened, I got the same amount of AP. The exact same amount.

The odds of that happening? Well, the AP potions can give anywhere from 1- 100 AP. Meaning if you want a certain amount, you have a 1% chance of getting it.

So I have a 1% chance of getting 1 AP.

The chance of that happened two times in a row? 1% of 1%. That’s a  .01% that this would happen. You’re more likely to fail at capped synthesis that getting this.

Gunslinger Training




Anyone know good places to train Gunslinger talent? o3o I want to get it out of the way before tackling Warrior skills.

i think zombies at TNN are good for training :V

But I can’t access TNN atm, haven’t done my generations yet. D:

ah damn D;

id transport you to TNN if you were on alexina but you prolly dont have avon huh ;;

and i dont have butler or maid so yeah

hmm im not sure of other places, since many people train on foxes already

dont train on spiders at the graveyard, cause people are collecting cobwebs

so maybe the wolves at tir?

Gunslinger Training


Anyone know good places to train Gunslinger talent? o3o I want to get it out of the way before tackling Warrior skills.

i think zombies at TNN are good for training :V

lenieart answered to your post “question for possible mabitag event”

you mean cosplay IRL or like… drawing cosplay

oh oops i meant in game cosplay

like for example if you really want to cosplay kaneki from tokyo ghoul, youd dress up your character as kaneki

question for possible mabitag event

if i were to make a mabitag halloween cosplay/costume event, would anyone be interested??

i was thinking the prizes would be art, since it wouldnt be based in one server and im poor on every server and irl so no NX ;;

like, all participants would get an icon, but top three winners will get full body pictures or something idk ill think more about it in the future this is mostly for fun anyway

there could be several judges and judging would be based on accuracy (since i think most people would opt to cosplay)

EDIT: I MEANT IN GAME COSPLAY. Like, if you really want to cosplay as kaneki ken from tokyo ghoul, youd dress up your char as kaneki

so yeah would anyone like a mabitag cosplay event?


my brother has a funny problem with his graphics. sometimes it’s pretty much impossible for him to play, other times it’s really neat, in a weird trippy way. I asked him to send me screenshots so i could share.

this is mabinogi on drugs


Now I really look like a playgirl

some evgers piss me off

just because someone has evg turned on they might not be looking for a fight

they might be training a skill



Can you fish anywhere with the Nishida bait and still be valid to get a swimsuit box? or is it limited to lake neagh

its only lake neagh

i tried it on my hs pond and it only caught the normal bait stuff


How i see the Mabinogi severs that i’ve been to so far….

Mari: home ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Ruairi: to many senpai’s ( /)u(\ )

Tarlach: WHERE IS EVERYONE!?!?! ((((;゜Д゜)))

Alexina: can….i just get connected…plz (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)